Welcome to the Airz Wiki[edit | edit source]

The epic tales of airz23, as told within the Tales From Tech Support community on reddit.com. This wiki serves to catalog the stories, events and characters of airz23's world.

The Stories[edit | edit source]

The list of stories can be found here.

The Characters[edit | edit source]

A list of characters can be found here.

The Comic[edit | edit source]

A comic based on the stories drawn by /u/ArtzDept can be found here.

The Keyboard Mystery[edit | edit source]

A place for any theories and as much evidence as you can get regarding what is happening to the Keyboards and why.

Current discussion on the subject is here.

The CoffeeMaker[edit | edit source]

Want to discuss theories, vent, or just grab a cup of joe? Head on over to the break room (if it's not locked), and make yourself at home. Visit the forums for more discussion.

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